Here at Exquisite Lamps, we wish to bring back the Giessler tube but also take advantage of the advances in neon lighting technology over the decades.

The stunning giessler tube and why it dissapeared

A giessler tube is a decorative gas filled lamp made into intricate shapes and was popular during the 19th century. These tubes of the time were severely limited by the technology available with the gases being largely limited to air at low pressure and carbon dioxide. These gases were reactive and would quite quickly get consumed by the components inside the lamp causing failure. This is the main reason they fell out of favour. Also coupled with the very high voltages these gases require, it made them quite dangerous and also produce electromagnetic inteference which disrupted radios.

The Neon Sign

Some time after giessler tubes were made, Neon and the other noble gases were discovered, these gases do not react with anything so they do not get consumed in the lamps. Particularly neon gas with its famous red colour was very bright and required a significantly lower voltage to operate. This made them suitable for making long lasting bright signs.

Neon became mainstream

It seemed that the artistic, decorative use of neon lights was very limited due to the large commercial demand of making signs with them therefore speed of production and price started to dominate as the most important aspects during the 20th century which only helped to create its increasingly undesirable reputation towards the end of the century.

LED lights

In recent times LED lights have taken the commercial signage spotlight which has secluded neon lights into more quirky enviroments. The big shops have long since closed down and the patents and cartels expired. This allows people to take the time to make them a lot more creative and artistic since the point of introduction over 100 years ago. This is what we make here, intricate low production lamps made with care and precision with the beauty of the original giessler tubes combined with the safety, lifetime, brightness, power efficiency and colours available with traditional neon, plus some extra gas combinations such as our Xenon range which have a thin snaking arc running through them.

Previous Exhibitions

Neon Workshops
March 2018

This was my first ever exhibition, It was very generous of Neon Workshops to allow me to exhibit there. I am massively grateful of it because it is probably the one event thats responsible for all the subsequent exhibitions I was offered/accepted onto.

Leeds Light Night
October 2018

This was my second exhibition. It was seen by over 6000 people and was suprisingly popular. Also took the most effort to put together.

Box on the Docks, Salford Quays
July 2020

This is my most recent exhibition, I think it came out looking incredible and cannot wait until the darker nights where it will show well.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Leeds International Festival
Date Unknown

This exhibition was due to occur in May 2020 but the pandemic put an end to it, it's currently postponed but if it does re-commence, I will be setting up a large installation there.

Please do check out my facebook page and in the future, youtube. I plan to be creating a series on there in the future where I show the making process of these lamps.